Far Eastern New Century Corporation (Taiwan: 遠東新)

Far Eastern New Century Corporation Chemical fiber | 化学繊維; 화학 섬유; 化纖原料 Spinning | 紡;…

Far Eastern New Century Corporation

Chemical fiber | 化学繊維; 화학 섬유; 化纖原料
Spinning | 紡; 제사; 紡紗
Weaving | 織る; 짜다; 織布
Dyeing ; Printing | 염색; 인쇄; 染色 印刷
Finishing | 仕上げ工程; 마무리 손질; 加工
Apparel | 의복; 成衣
News Collection:
FENC announced the acquisition of Phoenix Technologies, a green recycling company based in Ohio, USA for US$10 million (NTD$310 million) (June.,2019)
FENC developed nylon anhydrous dyeing technology, technical down jacket with feather-like fibers, and fabric Shield.– 尼龍無水染色技術、仿羽絨纖維的科技羽絨衣,還有護衣乳(FENC Fabric Shield) (Oct.,2018)
Far East New (1402) and German Business Group Freudenberg expand polyester non-woven production capacity in Taiwan. Far East New and Freudenberg, Germany’s Freudenberg Group invested NT$1.3 billion to start the construction of the third polyester spun bond non-woven production line at the Dayuan Plant in Taoyuan City. The new production line will be completed and put into operation in 2020, which will strengthen the industrial competitiveness of the Freudenberg Far East Company in the non-woven market in the Asia-Pacific region.(Apr.2018)
Oriental Institute of Technology Fashion Textile Production Line Opens(Mar.,2018)
FENC’s (1402) Vietnam garment factory expansion is completed. (Mar.,2018)
FENC became Lululemon’s ready-to-wear supplier in 2017. FENC’s eco-friendly yarn made of recycled ocean plastic enters the shoe’s making for supply to Adidas, Li-Ning and Anta sports, the Nike sport apparel for FIFA 2018 , also supplied by FENC.

Top Cool; ISPO Textrends Award: base layer SS FW ; membrane coating; street sport
Nike suppliers | 供應商
Adidas suppliers | 供應商
Recycled / Eco | 環保‎
Thermal | 保暖‎
Temperature Regulating; Clima | 溫度調節
Moisture absorbing & quick drying | 吸濕速乾‎
Moisture Management | 潮濕管理
Moisture absorption; Siphoning Away | 吸溼排汗‎
Cool Wear | 涼爽
Antibacterial; Viaclear | 抗菌‎;抗流感
Flame resistant | 防(火)焰‎
Flame retardant | 阻燃‎
Fluoride-free; PFC-free | 無氟‎
Body Mapping | 合身緊身衣
Women Wear | 女裝‎
Men Wear | 男裝‎
Smart Wear | 智慧衣‎
Kids’ Wear | 童裝‎
Underwear | 內衣褲‎
Shirt | 襯衫‎
Casual | 休閒服‎
Jacket | 夾克‎
Shorts | 短褲‎
Tights | 緊身衣褲‎
Active wear | 運動服‎
Curtains | 窗簾
Cotton Fiber | 棉纖維‎
Organic Cotton | 有機棉纖維‎
Cafe Nano | 咖啡奈米(增溫除臭)
Basketball | 籃球‎
Golf | 高爾夫球‎
Tennis | 網球
FootBall | 足球‎
Running | 路跑
Tracking | 田徑
Cycling | 自行車
Yoga | 瑜伽
Polyester | 聚酯纖維: 彈性佳、抗皺、耐磨、輕身,沾汗後比棉質衣物快乾
PA66 | 尼龍66 做高檔服裝面料,羽絨面料都用尼龍66,手感滑膩,輕薄柔軟,並有防羽效果,耐熱,但染色較困難
PAN | 聚丙烯腈纖維: 保暖,柔軟,耐光,耐輻射,不耐磨,不吸溼,觸感差,張力弱,可和嫘縈,彈性纖維混紡改善.
Rayon | 嫘縈 (吸溼,透氣,環保,水洗度較弱)
Modal | 莫代爾 (柔軟,光澤,吸水,透氣優於棉,水洗強度優於嫘縈)
Tencel ; Lyocell | 天絲; 萊賽爾 (柔軟,光澤,吸水,垂墜,透氣,水洗強度優於莫代爾)
Recycled Polyester | 聚酯回收環保纖維
Dyeable PP yarn | 可染PP紗‎
Ocean Eco Fiber | 海洋回收紗
防水透濕 TPEE 薄膜

Far Eastern New Century Corporation

Taiwan Public Traded Company (1402)
36F, Taipei Metro Tower, 207, Tun Hwa South Road, Sec. 2, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-27378845
Email:[email protected]
An Chung Lin (domestic mgr)
email: [email protected]
Thomas Wang (export mgr)
mobile: 886-989208383 (TW)
mobile: 86-135-8596-1137 (CN)
mobile: 81-80-3478-0723 (JP)
Knitting Fabric:
Kevin Zhao (manager)
email: [email protected]

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