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Fabrics: Eco environmental protection, ESSE special organization, Fancy novelty, Fitop elastic body, Function waterproof and breathable, Pullpush moisture dry.

1. EcoTex’s innovative eco-friendly application series – EcoTyx-BD, which can be self-divided into green plant nutrients, EcoTyx-N made from pure natural materials, EcoTyx-R from waste recycling, and newly developed non-staining multi-color environmental protection “Manufacturing Technology.

2. PullPush Ultra Fast Moisture Perspiration Series – Really achieves complete moisture absorption and perspiration to maintain a dry skin sensation during heavy sweating, with a quick-drying, heat-insulating, antibacterial, and deodorant functional fabric, and no added chemical additives. harmless.

3. ClixMate’s new generation of waterproof breathable breathable series – for a variety of different weather with multi-function waterproof breathable breathable and both soft and flexible comfort and multi-functional weaving.

4. FiTop high-elasticity soft comfort series – Emphasizing natural comfort and a variety of different elastic single, bi-directional high-elasticity functional fabrics, very suitable for intense exercise of different types such as gymnastics, yoga, cycling and skiing.

5. LightWeight is very thin and windproof series – currently has been successfully developed 7 Dannibu species and smooth mass production, and in the ultra-lightweight fabric research and development technology to continuously improve innovation.

6. ESSE/Electa special tissue series – double-layer fabric, elastic double-layer fabric, three-dimensional, checkered, flocking, high-strength EN-471, FR fire, anti-magnetic wave, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, multi-change processing, etc. Customers specify high-performance special weaving cloths.

7. LED series – led night safety light display system and safety police clothing and other related products.

Product: Textile Products LED products Apparel & Products

Keywords:LED reflection film, LED reflection trims, elastic fabrics, 2 layers, functional fabrics, water proof, fire proof, anti-uv, sports, quick dry, thermal, eco friendly


 Women’s Wear | 女裝‎
 Men’s Wear | 男裝‎
 Active wear | 運動服‎
 Outdoor recreation | 戶外休閒
 Recycled / Eco 環保
 Cozy | 舒適‎
 Moisture absorbing & quick drying | 吸濕速乾‎
 Water resistance | 抗水性‎
 Windproof | 防風性‎
 Elastic | 彈性‎
 Soft; Light weight | 柔軟透氣棉質感
 Antibacterial; Viaclear | 抗菌‎;抗流感
 Odor-control | 氣味控制;除臭
 Anti-Static | 抗靜電‎
 Electromagnetic shielding | 防電磁波
 Sun protective; Anti-UV | 抗紫外線
 Fine Denny; light | 細丹尼‎ (4-50) 輕薄; 觸感細緻、質感輕柔、保暖性佳
 Cotton Fiber | 棉纖維‎
 Cycling | 自行車
 Yoga | 瑜伽
 Gym | 健身
 Polyester | 聚酯纖維: 彈性佳、抗皺、耐磨、輕身,沾汗後比棉質衣物快乾
 Nylon | 尼龍: 強韌,耐磨,平滑,輕質,不起毛球,不易靜電,不耐熱
 Rayon | 嫘縈 (吸溼,透氣,環保,水洗度較弱)
LED cloth | LED 發光衣
 Modal | 莫代爾 (柔軟,光澤,吸水,透氣優於棉,水洗強度優於嫘縈)

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