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Taiwan Public Traded Company (1460)

Chemical fibers
Dyeing ; Printing
Garments ; Apparel

News Collection:
Everest develops of highly functional forward-looking materials, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) fiber, was published on May 15 at the Taipei University of Technology this year.(May,2018)
Everest Textile launched its new range of smart wear, collaborating with Far Eastone Communications and PixArts Imaging Inc , as it seeks to ramp up its market share in the segment. Everest is the only Taiwanese textile company that has developed its own communication chipset and runs its own clothing brand — EverSmile.

Main series include filament, stable, innoviation series and knitting series.
Primary products: Fabrics (80%), Textured Yarn (20%)

Keywords: Polyester Processed Yarn, Long Fiber Finished Fabric, Printed Fabric, Staple Plaid Fabric, Special Functional Fabric Processing, Apparel Brand Eversmile

ISPO Textrends Award: membranes coating; Winter Outer layer
Bluesign manufacturer | 藍標認證
Oeko-Tex | 生態紡織認證
Women’s Wear | 女裝‎
Men’s Wear | 男裝
Shirt | 襯衫‎
Casual | 休閒服‎
City wear | 城市穿著‎
Knitwear | 毛衣‎
Jacket | 夾克‎
Ski suit | 滑雪服‎
Ready-to-wear | 成衣‎
Active wear | 運動服‎
Outdoor recreation | 戶外休閒
Recycled / Eco 環保
Thermal | 發熱; 保暖‎
Moisture absorbing & quick drying | 吸濕速乾‎
Moisture Management | 潮濕管理‎
Water repellent | 拒水性‎
Siphoning Away | 排汗‎
Windproof | 防風性‎
Soft Shell | 防風防水溼透
Elastic | 彈性‎
Activate blood circulation | 促進血液循環‎
Air Pass | 透氣舒適
Medical | 醫療專用‎
Antibacterial | 抗菌‎
Far infrared | 遠紅外線‎
Sun protective; Anti-UV | 抗紫外線‎
Polyester | 聚酯纖維: 彈性佳、抗皺、耐磨、輕身,沾汗後比棉質衣物快乾; 原料: 乙二醇(EG)+純對苯二甲酸(PTA)
Nylon | 尼龍: 強韌,耐磨,平滑,輕質,不起毛球,不易靜電,不耐熱
Nano Silver‎ | 奈米抗菌銀(宏遠)
Zinc oxide polymer | 氧化鋅聚合物(抗UV防曬)

Golf | 高爾夫球‎
FootBall | 足球‎
Running | 路跑
Yoga | 瑜伽
Hiking | 踐行
Climbing | 登山
Trekking | 徒步旅行
Nordic Walking | 北歐式健走
Skiing | 滑雪
Fishing | 釣魚
Surfing | 衝浪
Gym | 健身
Mulberry silk | 桑蠶絲
Germanium Alloy Yarn | 鍺纖維: 除臭,遠紅外線,濕度調節

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Taiwan Public Traded Company (1460)

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