Quang Viet Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan: 廣越)

Quang Viet Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taiwan public traded company (4438) News: Quang Viet (4438) reported…

Quang Viet Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan public traded company (4438)

News: Quang Viet (4438) reported consolidated revenue of 238 million yuan in February, a growth of 55.08% compared to the same period of last year.(Feb.,2018)
News: Taiwan Textile Research Institute provides key materials for thermal fibers, and the technology is transferred to the FTC, and QV will further quantify and commercialize the clothing. In addition, through the development of a temperature control module by BRICS, the temperature of clothes is increased to 38 degrees – 45 degrees, and Hwacom is responsible for the integration of cloud technology. The total drawing budget is about 240 million NTD, of which the government will subsidize 120 million NTD, and the rest will be self-financing.(Jun.,2018)

Keywords: Down jacket, jacket, resin cotton jacket, fit jacket, flat-knit suit, trousers, shorts
Apparel | 의복; 成衣
 Women’s Wear | 女裝‎
 Men’s Wear | 男裝‎
 Knitwear | 毛衣‎
 Jacket | 夾克‎
 Down Duvet | 羽絨衣‎
 Ready-to-wear | 成衣‎
 Active wear | 運動服‎
 Outdoor recreation | 戶外休閒
 Recycled / Eco 環保‎
 Thermal | 保暖‎
 Moisture absorbing & quick drying | 吸濕速乾‎
 Cotton Fiber | 棉纖維‎
 Organic Cotton | 有機棉纖維‎
 Tencel | 木材萃取 : 吸水,柔軟,涼爽
 Basketball | 籃球‎
 Baseball | 棒球‎
 Golf | 高爾夫球‎
 Tennis | 網球
 FootBall | 足球‎
 Running | 路跑
 Tracking | 田徑
 Cycling | 自行車
 Yoga | 瑜伽
 Climbing | 登山
 Trekking | 徒步旅行
 Duck Feathers | 鴨羽
 Goose Feathers | 鵝羽
 Polyester | 聚酯纖維: 彈性佳、抗皺、耐磨、輕身,沾汗後比棉質衣物快乾
 Nylon | 尼龍: 強韌,耐磨,平滑,輕質,不起毛球,不易靜電,不耐熱
 Rayon | 嫘縈 (吸溼,透氣,環保,水洗度較弱)
 Modal | 莫代爾 (柔軟,光澤,吸水,透氣優於棉,水洗強度優於嫘縈)
 Tencel ; Lyocell | 天絲; 萊賽爾 (柔軟,光澤,吸水,垂墜,透氣,水洗強度優於莫代爾)
 Spandex;Lycra;OP;PU | 氨綸; 彈性纖維:500%高張力,可和聚丙烯腈混紡.
 Acrylic | 壓克力纖維: 羊毛混紡, 質輕、蓬鬆、保暖、不縮不皺,有靜電,毛球,不吸汗
Air Flake; Biomimetics | 氣撚仿羽纖維(保暖,環保,愛護鳥類); 仿生羽絨 (新生物科技材料)

Quang Viet Enterprise Co., Ltd

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