Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd. (Taiwan: 福懋)

FORMOSA TAFFETA CO., LTD. (Taiwan) Taiwan Public Traded Company(1434) Keywords:Pulp, warp, silk, processed silk, fabric…


Taiwan Public Traded Company(1434)
Keywords:Pulp, warp, silk, processed silk, fabric design, weaving, dyeing, printing, functional processing, spun fiber, filament fiber, woven fabric
Weaving | 織る; 짜다; 織布
Dyeing ; Printing | 염색; 인쇄; 染色 印刷
Finishing | 仕上げ工程; 마무리 손질; 加工
News: Taiwan Textile Research Institute provides key materials for thermal fibers, and the technology is transferred to the FTC, and QV will further quantify and commercialize the clothing. In addition, through the development of a temperature control module by BRICS, the temperature of clothes is increased to 38 degrees – 45 degrees, and Hwacom is responsible for the integration of cloud technology. The total drawing budget is about 240 million NTD, of which the government will subsidize 120 million NTD, and the rest will be self-financing.(Jun.,2018)

ISPO Textrends Award: base layer; membranes coating
Bluesign manufacture | 藍標認證
Gore; Gore-tex | Gore-tex 認證; Gore authorized partner; factory locate in Douliu City, Yunlin County,Taiwan
Oeko-Tex standard 100 | 生態紡織認證
Women’s Wear | 女裝‎
Men’s Wear | 男裝‎
Smart Wear | 智慧衣‎
Flak Jacket | 防彈衣
Umbrella | 雨傘‎,陽傘
Raincoat | 雨衣
Tire cord | 輪胎簾布
Corn polylactic acid fiber skin care | 玉米聚乳酸纖維:天然環保,外觀舒適性,手感柔軟
Cotton Fiber | 棉纖維‎
Recycled / Eco 環保‎
Thermal | 保暖‎
Temperature Regulating | 溫度調節
Seacell | 海藻纖維: 天然環保、保健皮膚機能、手感柔軟
Soy protein skin care | 大豆蛋白質纖維:天然環保、吸濕性佳、手感柔軟、光澤亮麗
Cool Wear | 涼爽‎
Shiny | 光澤‎
Anti-Pilling | 抗毛球‎
Cation | 陽離子‎ (使用鹽基性染料,具低溫可染色性)
Anion | 負離子(光觸媒淨化血液、促進細胞活化、增進抵抗力)
Far infrared | 遠紅外線‎(蓄熱保溫、促進血液循環)
Double-effect | 雙效型纖維:遠紅外線、負離子纖維
Flame retardant | 阻燃‎
Sun protective; Anti-UV | 抗紫外線‎
Fine Denny | 細丹尼‎ (4-50)觸感細緻、質感輕柔、保暖性佳
Wash and wear | 免燙
Cross type | 十字斷面:吸濕速乾
Hollow fiber | 中空‎:保暖性、質感輕柔豐厚
Oyster shell fiber | 牡蠣殼纖維‎: 天然抗菌防臭、手感柔軟
Polyester | 聚酯纖維‎
Ultra white polyester | 超白聚酯纖維‎
X-Static 銀纖維:抗菌防臭、抗靜電、溫度調節效果
Stainless steel | 不銹鋼纖維:抗靜電、抗磁波、導電效果
Germanium Alloy Yarn | 鍺纖維: 除臭,遠紅外線,濕度調節
Oyster shell fiber | 牡蠣殼纖維‎: 天然抗菌防臭、手感柔軟


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